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NeoLit Silver Point Theo Turbo

Color:  ns 11(25)33 Black silver shaded color point (genetically ticked)

dirrect carier of color point gene and delution, golden genotype, chocolate carrier (DNA-test)

blood type AA

PKD test- Negative

Birth date: 18/06/2016
Dame:Laurina Silver Citrin (BRI ns 12)
Sire: NatalyLand`s Blue Golden Rio (BRIay25 )
Breeder: Litskevich Elena
Owners: Litskevich Elena-Litskevich Mikhail

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NatalyLand`s Antonio Banderas

Color:ay 12 blue golden chinchilla  (genetically ticked)

Birth date: 27/05/2018
Dame:IT* Teddy Brits Chelsia (BRI ay 11)
Sire: NatalyLand`s Romeo (BRI ay12 )
Breeder:Kazarez Nataliya
Owners: Litskevich Elena-Litskevich Mikhail

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Byron SAZo K&S*RU

Color: Black golden chinchilla- ny 12
Birth date: 28.08.2020

Sire: Ch. Shimmy Plush Golden Kitty
chocolate golden chinchilla point BRI by 1233

Dame: Queen bagel SAZo K&S*RU
black golden shaded BRI ny 11

Blood type AA, PKD test -negative

Breeder: Kargaltcev Konstantin
Owners: Litskevich Elena - Litskevich Mikhail

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Ell-Koto Umka

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